Ready to charge Ritz Carlton prices

for your expertise online — but don’t know how to stand out from your competitors?

You know you’re good. Now you just need other people to notice. The Distinction Formula is a quick crash course on positioning yourself online to attract dream clients who are ready (and excited) to invest in you and themselves at the prices you deserve.

Stop blending in. Stop undercharging. Try The Distinction Formula!


We’re Vito and Anna La Fata,
the go-to power couple for building multiple 6- and 7-figure brands…

And after creating multiple 7-figure online brands from scratch ourselves, we know a thing or two about how to stand out.

Mainly, we know that if you don’t have a personal brand that positions you as a specialist in your industry, you have no chance of charging premium prices for the service or product you offer.

None. Nada. Zip. Zerooooo.

(We say this with love because we’ve been there, done that, and have the T-shirt to prove it.)

Sure, you might snag a sale or client here and there…

But that steady stream of “ka-chings!” you want will almost always go to the “big names” with stronger, more memorable brands. And better offers.

Harsh? Maybe.

But the truth is that most people don’t even think about their personal brand until they’re struggling to get clients or customers…

And that DOES NOT have to be you (even if it’s you right now).


This Distinction Formula is a product of 11 years of our own guesswork, time and money invested, and eventually millions of dollars in profit, once we figured out how to distinguish ourselves from the competition…


But it’ll only cost you an afternoon and the price of a halfway decent meal to learn.


And after seeing this work for thousands of business owners in every niche from fitness to copywriting, we have a pretty good feeling it’ll work for you, too 😉


What you will learn are the very principles and practices of achieving distinction every day, week, month and year of your business life.


So are you ready to start charging what you’re worth and stop trading your time for money?


(Can we get a HELL YES?!)

So, How Exactly Does a Strong, Distinct Brand
Equal More Money in Your Pocket?

Here’s the truth…

Clients who are willing to pay BIG bucks to get their problem solved want a specialist.

That doesn’t mean you need to be “certified” or have a ton of awards…

It just means you need to position yourself in a way that makes your perfect client so confident that you can help them that they practically sell themselves on working with you.

“Okay, but… isn’t this the same as choosing a niche?”

Nope. It’s not.

The thing is, you have different skills, abilities, personality, a different story and a different mindset than anyone else…

And when you build your brand, you NEED to leverage those differences to be successful.

What most programs miss is layering in how to develop YOU…

As the person…

The high performer…

The spouse…


The parent…

Alongside the marketer, salesperson, owner and legacy creator you can and are MEANT to be.

And when you take all that, then zero in on how you (and ONLY you) can serve your target market…


Like Euncia Peret who was a financial advisor but became the Empowered Financial Planner… And is now earning 5x what she did as a generic financial planner.

Or even Laura Lummer who was a fitness coach, but became the Breast Cancer Recovery Coach… And broke free from the masses of personal trainers and launched her own podcast, coaching program and more…

Or what about Vasiliki Magnuson, who was selling nutrition coaching barely making $2k/m… Then found her distinction and created Fit & Foodie Formula, and now averages $9k/m!

We’ve also got Esta McIntrye, a gym owner who recently launched her BoomerGenX program and pocketed an additional $20k…

And Kristina Furia who quit her therapy practice to stand out by building her Quantum Creator program and on her first launch did $35,946!

Or even Clay Manley, former Petco copywriter, who created the SpeakEasy Copy System, and doubled his Petco salary, bought a house on the beach, and told corporate to go shove it!

And the list goes on…and on…and on.

The reason the Distinction Formula creates these kinds of results?

Because when you carve out a space in your market just for you, you’re no longer participating in the race to the bottom.

Instead of competing with your competitors’ prices, you’re no longer competing with anyone because you’ve raised your perceived value way out of their league.

Cool, right?

The Distinction Formula

Works for Any Type of Expert

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 1:1 online consultant or a brick-and-mortar wellness professional, the Distinction Formula helps any expert create a strong, premium brand.

Course Creators

The Distinction Formula will help you position yourself as a go-to expert so you can charge more for the value you provide and even give you the confidence to offer a high-ticket service upsell
if you want to raise your profit margins.

Coaches, Consultants,and Wellness Professionals

Done overbooking and overworking? The Distinction Formula helps you frame your ONE “Signature Program” that sells clients their desired outcome rather than selling your time. if you want to raise your profit margins.

Other Creative Experts, Freelancers & Influencers

When you understand the Distinction Formula, you can create massive demand around your services. This framework gives you the freedom to choose your clients and even automate their results.

Still Not Sure If

This Formula Is For You?

Inside the Distinction Formula You’ll Learn…

How to Use This Training & Take Action

This first video is meant to put a fire under your feet so that you don’t just absorb the content we laid out for you in this training but that you DO SOMETHING WITH IT (OR NOT).

It’s time that you set aside your fears, worries or past frustrations and went all in on your brand and business.

Why not you? Why not now?

How to Stand Out

In this training video we talk about HOW TO STAND OUT in the market and in your specific indu0stry.

We’ll give you 3 specific questions and exercises that will help you create a distinct business and brand people are excited about.


Design a Legacy Worthy Brand

In this module, we’re giving you the 5 steps to creating a legacy worthy brand so you can truly make your mark on this world WHILE you get paid on autopilot and choose the clients you really want to work with.


How to Charge Ritz Carlton Prices

In this training we talk about HOW TO CHARGE RITZ CARLTON PRICES for your signature coaching program and how to attract the perfect clients to that program. This is where the magic happens, baby!

Plus, you’ll receive a BONUS
30-Minute Idea Incubator Call ($500 Value)

at ANY time to help you solidify the ideas you create in this
training with a completely CUSTOM plan to stand out.

Don’t Believe It’s All As Simple As
Learning How to Stand Out?

Then Take a Look At These Results…

“Streamlining what we were even going to build was a huge weight off my shoulders…”

“Hold up, guys…
Why are you giving all
this away for just $47?”

Not to harp on this any more than we need to, but times are changing fast.

Even a year after “the event”, lots of people are still finding themselves without work…

Wondering what might happen if there’s another shutdown…

Thinking more and more about the future and what could happen if they don’t have a way to create consistent income for themselves and their families…

And since building legacy worthy brands that create generational wealth is our specialty…

It would be kind of weird if we didn’t share what we know about creating a stand-out brand with you, don’t cha think?


Our mission and vision is to help you create the freedom lifestyle and more control over your financial future…

… and to be honest nothing creates that better than knowing how to market your business, charge what you’re worth and attract dream clients in any economy.

So instead of keeping all the good stuff to ourselves, we decided NOW is the best time to show you how to:

And just go out there and freaking crush it!

Not to mention, if you’re still here reading then you probably needed this workshop like, yesterday — and we want this to be an easy decision for you to make.

So since you’re here today, you can lock in this low price before the price goes back up to $97!

Unlock the Distinction Formula today…

Now Only $47!

Here’s What Happens Next…

Enroll in The Distinction Formula here

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Breeze through the modules and complete the assignments that go with them

Book your FREE Bonus Idea Incubator Call to get a custom strategy for your brand ($500 value)



A:Even better! The Distinction Formula will save you the time, money, and hassle of creating a brand that doesn’t serve you or reflect your TRUE value. In fact, if every brand or business owner had this formula when they were just starting out, you’d see way more success stories.

A: Yes. No matter where your business is, standing out helps you charge what you’re worth and create a massive demand around your services.

A: Nope! We’re talking about the overarching message, positioning and offers behind your brand. However, after you go through this course, you’ll definitely want someone to help you align your brand’s appearance with your new and improved positioning if you’re not an expert at design or tech.

A: If you purchase this course and don’t feel it added 10X the value of your investment, you can reach out to us for a 100% money back guarantee. We feel so confident that our training will give you clarity and direction on what your next steps should be that if it doesn’t we will happily refund you the small investment.

A: As soon as you enroll, you’ll receive an email with your login information. As soon as you receive that info, you’re ready to go!

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