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Our ‘Legacypreneur’ Framework pulls back to the curtain on how to build a unique online brand or business that creates generational wealth, scales your impact and delivers truly transformational experiences for your clients

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Who Are the

Legacy Brand Creators?

Vito and Anna La Fata, have now built six, multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses since 2010, having both come from humble beginnings, escaping near bankruptcy, brick and mortar business, and working 10-12 hour days trading time for money as fitness professionals.

As Founders of The Legacy Brand Creator & Vision In the Vineyards ™ Experience, they have simplified the process of taking any expertise and packaging it into an online brand and business using their 6-step Legacy Loop process to “Share A Message, Build A Brand and Leave A Legacy”.

Together as a power couple and parents of 2 beautiful children, they lead and mentor experts, coaches and service providers both online and at their vineyard home. They have become the “brand whisperers” that will help you fulfill your passion & purpose, generate profit and consistent income, and provide you with the freedom lifestyle that you deserve.

Vito and Anna are equipped, ready and passionate in helping true experts curate their life’s work so it can live on, build generational wealth, family legacy and truly transformational experiences (while making sure you have fun, fine wine and enjoy the process)!

This Is What Happens When You Have a

Boots-on-the-Ground Playbook

for Building Your Personal Brand

Boots-on-the-Ground Mentors

“They are not just technical coaches, they are boots-on-the-ground, give me the play coach, and I’ll go run it, mentors…

..Where they shine, is pulling out from inside you the vision you have had lying dormant or struggling. They can name it, brand it, package it and help you craft your offer, like no one’s business.”

- Tamra Fleming

Gave Me the Roadmap to Make It Happen

“I knew I wanted to get online, but I didn’t know where to start. I certainly didn’t have the time to ‘figure it out’ on my own.

This gave me the roadmap to make it happen and a team of experts at my fingertips for on-demand advice and guidance. Just a few months in, my online business is up and running, and I’m proud to say I’m making sales.”

-Dr. Vince Catteruccia, The Living Pain Free Method

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