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Our ‘Legacypreneur’ Framework pulls back to the curtain on how to build a unique online brand or business that creates generational wealth, scales your impact and delivers truly transformational experiences for your clients

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How To Build a $500K+ Online Coaching Business Without Paid Ads, A Large Following, Or Having to Live On Social Media


Who Are

Anna & Vito, the Legacy Creators?

Vito and Anna La Fata met during their entrepreneurial journey after being dissatisfied working for corporate America, trading dollars for hours in the fitness industry, and not loving the low profit margins and the lack of time and location freedom of brick and mortar.

In 2010, they caught the online business bug, and after many ups, downs and all around doing random things, trying to mimic what the gurus do, falling prey to facade coaches, and the gimmicks peddled online, they sorted through all the noise, courses, and coaching to uncover the most important core principles and strategies to build an online business. These fundamentals, principles and best practices have become their signature “Legacy Creator” system that can now be tailored to any coaching industry.

Since then, they’ve been married, had 2 beautiful children, built six, 6 & 7-figure businesses, bought their dream home in wine country and planted a vineyard (for their future wine business). Having both come from humble beginnings, escaping near bankruptcy and working 10-14 hour days as fitness professionals, they now dedicate their time helping other experts build this freedom business lifestyle.

As Founders of The Legacy Creator ™ Coaching Program & The Vision In the Vineyards ™ Experience, they have simplified the complex process of taking your expertise and packaging it into an online brand and business.

This power couple leads and mentors experts, coaches and service providers in a private 2.5 day immersion retreat at their vineyard home to fully map out their freedom business model and the years of work ahead.

They are known in their circles as the “personal brand whisperers” that will help you turn your expertise into a signature brand with unique frameworks, processes and a curriculum that can scale around the world.

Vito and Anna believe you can systemize your life’s work so it can live on, build generational wealth, be part of your family legacy and leave truly transformational experiences for others (while making sure you have fun, good wine and enjoy your life)!

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How To Build a $500K+ Online Coaching Business Without Paid Ads, A Large Following, or Having to Live On Social Media

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