Our Story

We’re Vito & Anna La Fata, the go-to power couple for building multiple 6- and 7-figure brands…

But (and you probably know what’s coming next) that wasn’t always us.

Around 2010, we began our journey to transition online by studying under all the major modern day gurus, old school masters, and ancient archives of business and brand-building blueprints… 


During that time, we had ONE goal in mind:

To remove ourselves from the shackles of trading dollars for hours.


We wanted to escape the oppressive weight of brick and mortar business (can you say “struggling gym owner”?) and to simply reach more people and live with more freedom.

All these years later we’ve built six multiple 6 & 7-figure online businesses and brands…

But that’s not even what we consider success. To us, success is always about freedom.

Freedom to live more, serve more, give more, and yes, earn more. 

…we have created our dream life experience; planting our vineyard, running our companies, making our wine, growing a family and spending our time however we want…

Which includes coaching and mentoring a select few transformational experts who come to work with us on their message, packaging their expertise, building their brands, showing them how to run an online business so they too can create the 5 freedoms and one day leave their legacy.

After all that, we can say that there is no comparison between the lifestyle and legacy that owning online businesses and brands can give you and today we strive to make the “hustle” easier and shorter for those who are serious about knowing how to own and operate an online business that can earn what you want, to live the life you want.


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More About


Together they have presented on stages, built multiple online courses, a 2.5 day business building retreat called “Vision in the Vineyards” and launched their Legacy Creator brand from $0-$67k/m in 5 months and are hard at work building wine membership, The Crush Club Cellars.

Anna & Tony Horton On Set At POPSUGAR Fitness

Anna packaged her expertise to build her first online brand in 2012, “The Sexy Confident Life”, to empower women mentally, physically and emotionally to live into their greatest potential with her weekly Podcast, Monthly Magazine, online courses, membership programs and High Performance retreats. 


By 2015, she had built a 6 figure network marketing business with Beachbody, helping 1000’s with her online fitness and health challenges. After saying “I do” and starting to grow their family, Anna and Vito combined their forces yet again to create a powerful business coaching brand to help other experts transition from service based to online freedom based businesses.

Together they have presented on stages, built multiple online courses, a 2.5 day business retreat called “Vision in the Vineyards” and are currently launching their first Legacy Creator Mastermind and wine membership. 


Anna is obviously writing her own bio here…HI!…there is one last thing I would like to share with you as you are taking a look at Vito & I for mentorship in your business venture:

“you must believe in yourself more than anyone…more than any mentor or coach, friends, family, more than the people who love you the most, if you truly want to create success”.

Through all my failure, struggle and success I can honestly say that self confidence and belief in my own ability to achieve big dreams has been the key to never giving up. If you have that, nothing can stop you! The right guidance and work ethic will just make it happen faster! 


More About


Vito was a former Wall Street Trader, former Fashion Industry employee, turned personal trainer to pursue his passion for fitness. After years dominating the training floor, Vito eventually opened up his own fitness studios.

While things looked good on paper, it was a multiple 6-figure business, Vito was on the verge of bankruptcy, after having to buy out his x-business partner. But, ge was willing to lose his house so he could keep his business and dream of being his own boss going.

That’s when Vito started two businesses that would go on to change his life. 

First, he started an online business with his first courses, and he started a network marketing business with Beachbody. 

Four years later Vito made his first million.

Not satisfied with his own success, Vito began a mission to teach others how to not live broke, how to break the chains of Corporate America, and how to find the freedom on online businesses. 

That’s when Vito began to invest his time, money and energy on studying marketing, business and sales so that he could never again be at the mercy of the markets or outside forces. 

Slowly, but surely, Vito transformed into an entrepreneur, business coach and now vineyard owner.

Vito with his wife, Anna, has now built six multiple 6 & 7-figure businesses since 2010. And now they mentor experts, coaches and service providers on how to transform their expertise into an online business and personal brand.

They believe your business and life should be structured to be a vehicle of independence and opportunity so you can create time, location, financial, and yes, even people and purpose freedom so you can live out your passions and interests.

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