How To Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing: 5 Hard Truths


How To Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing: 5 Hard Truths



How To Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing

If you’re wondering how to build your own online business from nothing, then this is for you.

But first, a warning: Stop looking for an easy button.

Building your own online business is not for the faint of heart—especially if you’re starting from nothing. In fact, that’s why only 10% of people succeed.

The other 90%? They’re gutted in their first 4 months.

Now, let’s face these 5 hard truths so you can save yourself hours upon hours (or even years upon YEARS) of wasted time, money, and headaches. Let’s jam…

How To Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing: 5 Hard Truths We Wish We Knew

Online Business Truth 1: Your Purpose Is The Difference-Maker

Have you ever given up half way through something hard?

Maybe you quit a team…

Left a job…
Or passed a project on to somebody else.

We’ve all been there.

The thing is, when the going gets tough, most people give up on their online business.

Even worse (if you ask us), they go back to a familiar place: Like their 9-5. Their regular job.

In other words, they go back to the very status quo they were trying to escape.


Because they lack a compelling purpose that gives them the power to plow through the problems nobody is immune to when building their online business from nothing.

How do we know?

Because we’ve been there.

We were buried in 6-figures of debt when we first got clear on our purpose. And trust us, we almost quit. But getting clear as day about WHY we were showing up in the first place kept us on the right track.

7 years later, we’re living our purpose every day and it feels damn good.

And, make no mistake about it: our purpose propelled us here.

So before you begin to build your own online business, find yours.

Ask yourself this: Why do you want to put your dent in the universe?

A low-level purpose (like “I just want to pay the bills”) is just a goal that won’t get you anywhere.

Write down a purpose so big it almost makes you uncomfortable.

Online Business Truth 2: The Nicher You Are, The Richer You Are

When you speak to everyone, you’re heard by no one—no matter how loud you shout or how big your budget is.

And even if your message somehow breaks through, famed Princeton professor Edward Felten issued this grave warning: “When you cast your net wide, you inevitably catch something you don’t want to catch.”

Ouch, right?

To find your niche, embrace your role as a specialist, not a generalist.

Generalists (try to) serve everybody. Specialists serve a specific audience. The more specific you are, the more you stand out. The more you stand out, the more success you’ll have.

Boom. Million dollar lesson.

If you go general, your brand will be nothing more than white noise that nobody listens to or buys from. Write down exactly who you want to serve. Go deep(er).

Online Business Truth 3: A Repeatable Process Is A Non-Negotiable

How do you guide your people to the promised land? Is there a process you can refer to… or is it all in your head?

If it’s not on paper, it’s probably because you’ve never thought twice about it.

When you show prospects your process, you instantly earn their trust, appear as the expert that you are, and elevate your value.

Plus, your process is the backbone of the program or course you’ll sell to get your online business cash flowing (more on that in a minute). The bottom line is you can’t build your own online business without a process.

Just like you wrote down your purpose, write down your process—step by step. What steps do you take, and in what order, to get your clients results?

Your process doesn’t need to be perfect (yet)—nor set in stone—so don’t overthink it.

Online Business Truth 4: Sell Solutions, Not Services

Selling services is a death sentence—especially in the post-pandemic economy.  If you want to build your own legacy-worthy online business, you need to sell solutions.

Services keep you stuck in the trading-time-for-money trap, which means you’ll never experience any form of freedom.

Unlike services, solutions are sellable, scalable, and automatable which translates to more money, more freedom, and more impact. Jackpot, baby.

The best solution you can sell online is a program or course built around your process, designed for your people, and powered by your purpose.

See how your online business is coming together now?

Begin outlining your program. Get started by tying a timeline to each step of your process. The first version is not the final version. Have at it and have fun. This is one of the harder, but more rewarding parts of building your own online business from nothing.

Online Business Truth 5: Measure Performance Early and Often

Data isn’t sexy, but you’re flying blind without it.

How do you know what your program’s worth?

How do you know how your people are responding to your content?

How do you know if your time and money is going to the right things when you’re building your own online business from nothing?

I could go on and on.

Point is: You need to monitor the right performance indicators the second your online business is born. Skip this at the early stages of building your own online business and it’ll never grow.

Collect data and keep an eye on it. Make this a habit from day one of building your own online business.

How To Build Your Own Online Business From Nothing: Your Next Step

If you’re ready to get to work on the action steps above, we’re here to help you. Click here to book a free ‘Idea Incubator’ call with us now.

When you schedule your call, you’ll get a free masterclass that walks you through the process we’ve used to help dozens of people like you build their own online businesses from nothing.

Remember, the true entrepreneur is a doer—not just a dreamer. If you have big dreams, let’s chat.

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